"In each pause, I hear the call"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our mission is to build community through outreach and events; creating gathering spaces that inspire the soul.

In bringing communities of people together we aspire to promote mind, body and soul well-being by connecting people to artistic expression, outdoor exploration and mindfulness.

At Wandering Wyld, we believe that these three tools can help people grow in new and beautiful ways. They can unite us. With the pervasiveness of social media, and in a world of “likes,” isolation is becoming a norm. This isolation feeds our anxieties. We struggle to see the forest through the trees and feel alone as we wander; always in search for a place where we belong.

At Wandering Wyld our goal is to create new venues to inspire human connection within our local community; to make these tools accessible to everyone. With a focus on artistic expression, outdoor exploration and mindfulness we bring people together to share their gifts and inspire the hidden gifts within others. Through each project our foundation is built upon holding a space where people can feel they belong, a space where they are inspired.

Rachel Macintyre 
Rachel Macintyre


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