Connect. Inspire. Thrive.


Our mission is to build a small business community through outreach, events and shared knowledge – creating gatherings that inspire the soul. We believe a healthy business culture starts with community. Our goal is to nurture human connection and bring people together to share their gifts and inspire the hidden gifts within others. We are redefining how people do business through a community first approach – nurturing the leaders within us, strengthening community, and expanding together to do the best work of our lives.

our wyld leaders

Rachel Macintyre

Event Production

MN Roots
Coffee Enthusiast
Food Lover
Bluegrass Devotee
Avid Backpacker
Yoga Teacher

Current Mantra:
“Live the life that cries to be lived”

Hayley Collins

Business Coaching

Oregon Girl
Yoga Devotee
Wellness Enthusiast
Golden Retriever Mama
Nature Lover
World Traveler

Current Mantra:
“Just be love.”

Jessie Phillips

Marketing + Brand Strategy

SoCal Survivor
Mountain Lover
Slow Foodie
French Press Fan
Motown Fanatic
Classic Lit Nerd

Current Mantra:
“Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind”